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Bryn Evans
Njarange is a song about the project - African rhythm  Njarange 2 repeats the song with a Kikuyu chorus
Good News is an early song in disco style and echoes the gospel call
Let yourself go - a fun song enjoyed by young and old alike - polka pop
John 3 v 16 - a gentle ballad based on that key verse.
You’ll walk with me - inspired by my love of mountains and Psalm 123 - with a Celtic feel
I am the way - see John 14 v 5-7 - folk rock
Wonderful - reggae/ska  praise
I love You - a gentle, personal song, written by Bethan  in her early teens and recently arranged by me.
Stand in the Light - Rocky (quite heavy for me) -  the lyrics by Keith Guy, a founder member of Good News
I know I’m not as good as I should be - a confessional song - bluesy style
Help me Lord - the title says it all! - steady rock
Who would have thought? - from Christ’s birth to the resurrection - old style R & B
Don’t just sit there - do it! - again, the title says it all - Rock ‘n roll.
Denominations - just a bit of fun! - oompah!
Click on a track name on the CD to hear it.
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